Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am weary and blue

The current state of the world is eating me up inside, my soul is weary, my mind is tired, maybe it's just because it's Sunday night, I hope so.

I have just watched Panorama, I feel empty inside. Our government is fighting against something of which it has no comprehension. The reports which were leaked to the Times and Observer today, from one angle, come as no surprise. We all know that the war in Iraq is fuelling Islamic insurgents. Our friend Mr.B Jnr (as opposed to his brother across the Atlantic Mr.B Snr) has become so swept away with the power that he has found at his fingertips, that he thinks he is able to hoodwink us. He isn’t.

From my cynical side I wonder, why the leaks? Is it that there is such overwhelming disillusionment within the security forces that they are turning against their master? Or has it been finely tuned as a drip feed of damning reports which the government can tackle one step at a time rather than fighting the force of the flood if the dam were to crumble in one almighty blast?

I am desperately trying to cling on to my naivety and holding on to the fact that, at least, the words are out. The ‘narrative’ will not be a whitewash, it will be damning, so this is good. But I am not convinced; I smell the stench of an agenda.

The coalition are fuelling the power of Al Qaeda. The holy Jihad is gaining momentum by the second. It is basic human nature at work. If the playground bully is ignored he becomes isolated and powerless. The more he is interacted with and attacked the stronger he becomes. You cannot fight a fight without an enemy, B’s Jnr and Snr are playing into their hands.

The Chinese, at least, admit that face saving is at the core of their culture. Us ‘big noses’ would do well to admit the same. We are still occupying Iraq purely for the purpose of saving the faces of the 2 ugly B’s. Well they don’t deserve to be saved. If they were altogether stronger men they would confront their mistakes and walk away towards a journey of endeavouring to understand what they currently do not know.

Innocent people are dying needlessly at the hands of naivety and power. Big is not better and white is not blacker. The power of the Islamic fundamentalists has been underestimated beyond belief. I have said this before, but I could have told them this would happen and I am no-one. How and why did we get here? Where will it lead and ultimately where will it end?

I am frightened and sickened. This world is not a place in which I am proud to live.

On a positive note, however, I have found a new crush! The amazing Michael Ware who was featured on Panorama tonight. Is he single?!