Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My piece in The Independent

Last week The Independent asked me to write a piece about coming off antidepressants. I was a bit wary about outing myself as it needed to be accompanied by a photo, but I felt it was important to get the word out so I sat down at the week end and recounted my tale.

The picture was HUGE which freaked me out a bit as it made it look as if it was all about me whereas I wanted it to be about the story and the horrors of the withdrawal effects of coming off these bloody pills. The story has been followed by a mini media frenzy which I had not remotely expected. Lorraine Kelly, GMTV, no no no! I'm sorry but I've done my stints on TV after 7/7. I don't enjoy it and I'm not really very good. I do a kind of Lady Di head down, nervously looking up thing! Radio, however, I am much more comfortable with. I've had a long chat with Radio 4 today and I'm going to do an interview next week. I want to get the word out, but I don't want to be some chat show freak who, like Robbie, got hooked on pills so I am choosing my 'yes's' carefully.

Here, thankfully, without the photo, is my piece.

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