Saturday, June 30, 2007

Me on Saturday Live!

Here I am! Just hit 'Latest Programme' and forward to 16:38.

That was wierd. Here I am sitting in the Caribbean feeling (almost) a million miles from all of that when my phone beeps with a text message from my mum saying that she's just heard me interviewed by Fi Glover on Radio 4 talking about coming off anti depressants. Well I recorded that interview before I left, which was the end of February. I guess they sat on in until a relevant moment came up like John Travolta singing the praises of the Church of Scientology which doesn't allow anti depressants, and upcoming 7/7 anniversairies, and attempted car bombs. I guess now was a pretty good time to run it, but it did feel like listening to and old version of myself. It was also quite a good reminder of how far I have come on this little adventure of mine. I had pretty much escaped it all for a while, but the old anniversary is working its magic & I am feeling incresingly uneasy. I have received emails from journalists asking me about my rection to the car bomb, I even recieved a phone call from a journo on my birthday, on a boat, in Bermuda, asking my opinion on some report which had just come aout about how cognitive therapy helps PTSD. I have to say I foudn it pretty hard to gather my thoughts and recollections together enough to be able to coherently comment. (Plus I was suffering from a pre birthday rum drinking hangover!)

Anyway, the anniversary IS coming, even in paridise I am aware of that, and hearing that interview this morning has just made me realise a little more.

Oh God and now I read that a blazing car has just driven into Glasgow Airport. It seems that Gordon Brown is being welcomed to the real world of leading the country with a bang. Let's see if he can be any less reactionorary than his forebearer. (I still can't believe he's gone...puff...just like that!...oh joy!)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

what the f**k is THIS?!!

Any suggestions greatfully accepted! I found it on my porch, in Bequia, last night. Looks like some kind of alien to me, and none of the locals have ever seen one!

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