Monday, August 13, 2007

Somebody else dead

Sunday night again, but this one was earlier. No gunshot, as far as I know. The man was taken away in an ambulance and, apparently, died in hospital. He had been found lying in the street by the power station.

Last Sunday’s murder is still unsolved. I do not know, yet, whether this one is being treated as murder, but the police are apparently all over the streets tonight and names are already being bandied about. Is this death related to the murder or is it entirely coincidental? Perhaps it was illness or a fight gone wrong. I can’t believe there is a serial killer on the loose. Perhaps the dead man was about to squeal on the culprit of the last one. These theories are all in my head, God knows what talk will be flying round the streets tomorrow. I am staying safe at home tonight with kitten.

My friend, Wilf, has now been questioned four times by the police about last Sunday’s murder. They ask him the same questions each time, he is getting scared. He went to see a lawyer who told him that the police couldn’t be stopped from questioning him,
‘They are just doing their job’ he said.
He told Wilf that plenty of others had been to see him complaining of the same thing. This calmed him down a bit, knowing that he wasn’t the only one. Every time they come they tell him that they’ll be back.
‘Why would they warn you that they are coming back?’ said the lawyer ‘it is just a tactic, they won’t be back, they are just trying to see if you will run’
‘Where would I run?’ exclaimed Wilf, sitting on this island of 7 square miles.
‘They think you might run like OJ’ said the lawyer. They both laughed at this, it lightened the atmosphere, and Wilf’s mind.
‘They need evidence, and you can’t do anything unless they charge you’
‘But I didn’t do it!’ cried Wilf.
‘Well I’m very pleased to hear that’ retorted this serene man ‘in that case you will be fine’.

This latest news has sent a chill up my spine. I hope it is a coincidence, this death, and not another murder. I saw the murdered man’s father in the street yesterday. He was dressed smartly in his Captain’s clothes, still working, still keeping on. I touched his shoulder and offered my condolences. He shook my hand and quietly said ‘I hope they catch someone soon’.


It was murder. A fight, extra strong rum was involved. Someone has been picked up for it. It is seemingly unrelated to the one last week.

The first ever murder in Bequia was 7 years ago. Since then there has been 1 every year. Now there have been 2, unrelated, in 1 week.

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