Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Peace amidst the pain

Even when you think you're over it and moving on with a spring in your step, something can dull your spirits and bring you back down again. The news today that Damilola's killers have finally been convicted must be an unbearable relief to his family who have waited and suffered with such dignity. I pray it has brought them a small amount of peace amidst their pain.

I have written about Damilola before (here and here) as it is a story close to my heart. The news today will not bring him back but is, at least, the end of a journey. A time to reflect and look forward. It has opened the pain in my heart again and brought tears into my salty eyes. The senseless waste of a beautiful beaming boy. The two brothers only 12 and 13 at the time. What has happened in their lives, how are we letting children grow up with such hate and violence in their souls?

I hope you can now rest in peace Damilola.