Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No. 5 and counting

Apologies for being a bit late to the party with this one. I have been busy cutting down on my anti D’s and fighting the affects. I wouldn’t say I was winning but I’m fighting a damn hard battle and I ain’t gonna be beat.

So ‘the report’ is out. Report No. 5 in the grand scheme of looking back at what happened on 7th July last year. They have told us what they have learnt, and although, as predicted, it is nothing new it is one small victory for a random group of survivors and bereaved families. Without blowing our own trumpets, this report wouldn’t have happened had we all sat back and shut up as they wished. The ball was kicked off back in March by the London Assembly. They were the first people who had the brainwave that the people who might be able to teach the public more than anyone else about what happened that day and what could be learnt for the future were the people who were there. Not politicians and people in power but the people who had been through it.

They were forward thinking enough to do this publicly. Nervous as we all were, the words and stories flowed and the minor rumblings of a storm were first heard. The Government were quick to act & Tessa Jowell wrote to us the next day. They had no excuses not to do the same although our meetings with them were held in private. Still they met us, we talked, and talked, with dignity, courage and emotion and they couldn’t help but listen. The stories they heard could not be ignored and hence this report was born.

Last Friday Tessa Jowell admitted their failings. Failings she would never have known about had she not listened to the survivors and the bereaved. That in its self is a lesson to be learnt and a small success to be celebrated by everyone who spoke out.

But it is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. What was said so eloquently by many last week was that it’s all very well looking at the affects but you cannot keep ignoring the causes. It is a political game that is going on here. The Government would rather be lambasted for refusing an independent inquiry and looking at why this happened than having to admit that its foreign policy is putting its citizens at risk. Earlier today Blair brayed to his party ‘terrorism is not our fault’. For pity’s sake, it is not about fault, it’s about stopping it happening again. I am almost past caring whose fault it is. I am certainly not interested in seeing the reactions of the poor emergency services trawled through over and over and their failings highlighted again and again. If we are playing the schoolyard blame game then it is most definitely, with out a doubt, not their fault either. So leave the people who risked their lives to save us alone, stop talking about blame and lets grow up, pull together and stop stop stop this from happening to anyone in this country again.