Wednesday, September 06, 2006

There is change in the air tonight

I am full of admiration for those MP’s who today sacrificed their jobs for what they believe is right. I wish that many more had taken such a stand when Blair urged them to support him in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope they are not pawns to the Brown camp, and I am not sure whether ‘B’ with a ‘row’ is any better than ‘B’ with a ‘lair’. But it is undoubtedly time for Blair to go and I hope it is before this month is out.

I haven’t witnessed such a shambolic fiasco amongst a group of, supposedly intelligent, men (there are few women in sight at these days) who are charged with leading this country since Thatcher was ousted by the grey man. It is an embarrassing saga of leaks, whispers and lies. Blair has lost control. He wants to go out on top but it is too late for that and he should scarper before he drags his party into the dust.

My problem, through all of this, is Iraq. They all supported it and each is as guilty as the other so I will not feel joy when I see the next man take the stage. None of them hold the moral high ground any more. Still, Blair must go and the sooner the better, he has too much blood on his hands and I hope he is contemplating that as the sun sets before him.

He cannot fight the ebbing tide. No man, whatever their charisma, is strong enough to beat that. He would do well to gracefully admit his time has come in parliament, even though he has been unable to admit that on the world stage.

I would like to see him forced to admit his many mistakes before he leaves, but that he will never do. It is like a bad relationship, you hang on, destructively hoping that the magic that was there at the start will somehow surface again. In fact it is dead and gone and will never show its face again. Better to cut your losses and get rid of the dead wood before anyone else gets hurt.

I don't subscibe to much that occurs across the pond these days. However they do, at least, understand that there is a limit to the amount of time that you can place such power in the hands of one man before it goes to his head and destroys it.

Blair lost the support of his country when he started sacrificing our young men and thousands of Iraqis for the sake of his own personal goals. Thankfully he is finally, publicly, losing the support of his last crutch, his party. Go now Blair, with a last semblance of dignity, before you are unceremoniously pushed.