Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Everbody's changing....

This last week has been a time of beginnings and endings for all around me it seems. I have been carried away with this wave of change and tried to be there as solid ground for those caught up in the motion. Many have done the same for me and I have learnt how much it means.

Baby Rudy seemed wary of what was ahead, he arrived a full two weeks after the world had been expecting him and now he is here making up for his absence. He shocked his parents by not being a girl and wakes every hour to remind them.

I saw two other shattered faces last week, but these were broken with sorrow not joy. Their 29 year old sister, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, was taken away by a cancer only just discovered. They are being so brave and trying to stay positive. ‘She has done what she came here to do’ said my friend,’ it was time for her to go’. Tomorrow is her funeral, I hope they manage to set her free.

Yesterday, after four long patiently lived years, my friend was released from the high security hospital which had become his home. His room in the hostel is tiny and he has more clothes than sense. Last night I helped him to move some of it to his mum’s so he could at least get in the door. I left them to enjoy their first dinner together as a family. My friend waved me off with his 13 year old nephew’s arm draped tightly around his shoulder. So proud and happy to have his uncle back.

Other friends have fought through a terrible year with their beautiful daughter born with a physical deformity. She is a cheerful smiling little angel who can entertain me for hours. They have decided that Palmers Green is not the place to bring her up. This week end they packed up their house and headed to the sea. Excited and scared, they are off to start a new life, one in which their daughter will hopefully thrive and grow. They have not gone far but it seems like another world. I will have to start planning my road trips and getting over the mental block of the distance.

So apologies for the quietness. My brain has been taken up with taking it all in. There has been no space left with which to write.

Next week a rest by the sea for me, I am counting down the days.