Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a Bore

Do people not read books in this country any more? David Blunkett has published his recorded diaries, as a book. Fine, if you want to read it buy it. But it seems there is a countrywide mission to ensure that they cannot be escaped….newspaper serialisations, radio serialisations and last night I caught a TV serialisation! What a load of self pitying, self absorbed, not to mention badly written, and unbearably dull old twaddle it all is.

He is clearly looking for the sympathy vote, God he has had two chances and messed them both up, now he’s threatening to come back for more. Are we supposed to forget his dangerously draconian days in office? Are we to believe that he was really against invading Iraq and so was Gordon but Bair bullied them into it? Is he trying to get into bed with Brown so that, should he be the next to lead the party, it might actually be third time lucky for the Blunkett Boy?

And then there’s the sycophantic, almost maternal, voicing of his concerns about Blair’s health. I am not even going to credit him with spending the time to find the stuff and quote him, but along the lines of ‘I am worried about him, he looks exhausted, I fear he is pushing himself too far’….blaah blaah. Whilst at the same time telling us how he himself was crumbling under the pressure.

So the Cabinet is composed of a bunch of over tired, over worked, over emotional yet over egotistical politicians. It’s hardly news and hardly worth a book.

I hope the press interest crashes and burns..fast…I had already heard enough from that man before he chose to throw himself into the public eye yet again.