Sunday, December 03, 2006

Go see this...

Forget turning a modern art gallery into Alton Towers in an effort to draw in the punters (although I haven’t been so shouldn’t judge), the V&A have installed an experience of meditative beauty into their garden courtyard instead.

This you cannot miss. Go when it's dark and wander through a forest of charcoal grey pillars. Your journey will be illuminated by ripples of changing colour flowing up and down the columns. Your step is the trigger for transforming a coldly inert post into a glowing, throbbing source of light and ambient sound. Written by Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack and co-writer Neil Davidge the music is haunting. It will suck you in and hold you in it's world compelling you to stop and inhale, then take another step and add another strain to the symphony. Each path is unique, a moment in time never to be repeated but savoured and remembered.

Stand back and watch as others venture in. The rippling lights will dance with their route, converging as two cross, increasing in volume as more people enter. You cannot help those goose bumps from echoing the movement and fluttering up the back of your neck. You might not be able to leave.