Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wonderful Wonderful

I was looking forward to my (god is it really?) 5th office Christmas party at the same company with a feeling of dread and trepidation. It sounds like a ball, but really; 2 days and a night with the people you spend every day of the week with is a bit over top for me.

A few drinks and a good meal would suffice for me, but we go one step further and have a Christmas mini break! The destination is secret and we are drip fed clues over the proceeding weeks. Sometimes we guess, sometimes we don’t. This year we though we had it narrowed down to two, someone even brought their guide book to Prague. Happily we were way off mark and on Friday morning we boarded a flight to Copenhagen.

The entertainment started early with a celebrity spot. Lily Allen and her band were in the row behind us. Still travelling cattle class, she said she liked to ‘keep it real’.

Well, Copenhagen was a delight and I am utterly smitten. It’s a little bit of Amsterdam without the stag do tourists. It is elegant and classy whilst keeping ‘it real’. And best of all, the men are all tall!

The shops are crammed with objects of practical beauty. I bought an insulated coffee maker, a pastry brush and a spring with which to hold tea towels. I was sucked into Georg Jensen and seduced by a design of no practicality but striking simplicity.

We ate and drank and danced till dawn. They were still queuing outside when we left the club at 5. There were ice rinks and roller coasters and sparkly Christmas fairs; straight backed cyclists and pickled herrings galore.

So the trepidation was in vain and a blast was had by all. I think I have found my spiritual home!