Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bully boyz unite

If anyone is going to ‘confront muslim bullies’ Dr Reid is the man to do it.

Nick Robinson
'It was once said of Ken Clarke that he was the sort of man who would see a fight starting on the other side of the road and cross it to join in.
John Reid is just such a politician.'

Liberal Dissenter
'he started his political life at Strathclyde University as the Student Communists (yes this was when the British Communists thought that Uncle Joe Stalin was just misunderstood) political enforcer - the political & physical heavy who 'persuaded' recalcitrant party members to toe the line. '

A Big Stick and a Small Carrot
'The thing is, John Reid really does scare me silly. No joke. '

Time Magazine
'John Reid (8 to 1 against), a former Communist turned right-wing Blairite, has long disliked Brown and would relish a grudge match'

Iran Daily
'Defense Secretary John Reid rejected the report’s conclusions, arguing that terrorism was a global problem that the whole international community had to confront.
“One of the lessons of history is that if you run away from this it doesn’t actually get better,“ Reid told the BBC.
“Every child in the playground knows the idea that if you just avoid the bully, the bully will not come for you is refuted by every piece of historical experience,“ he added. '

Dave's Part
'Reid is an unpopular bully boy with a distinctly dodgy past.'