Saturday, February 04, 2006

Is everyone mad?

Today I had lunch in Primrose Hill daahling. It was lovely, the skinny jeans came into their own and the red wine was flowing.

I decided I wasn’t good for anything this afternoon but watching a DVD. I haven’t been to the DVD store for a while so I was hoping to be spoilt for choice. There have been times where I have got to the stage where I have seen everything in that place.

Well it seemed everyone in Highbury was staying in tonight, or had consumed too much red wine over lunch, the shelves were bare. After much deliberating, and overcoming my disappointment, I picked up Asylum. My friend Claire worked on it, and the lead actor (Marton Csokas) was rather yummy in the flesh if I remembered rightly.

It was filmed in a derelict Victorian psychiatric hospital near Leeds. I went up to stay with Claire whilst she was working on it. She said that the whole crew felt as though they were going slightly mad up there, the hospital was getting to them, they thought it was haunted, cameras kept on going missing.

She has come with me several times to visit my friend in hospital. We talked about the irony of her working in a Victorian nut house after everything he has been through. I told him about it but I’m not sure he really appreciated the irony. It was all still too present for him.

Months later she went to the screening and told me with surprise that it was actually quite good. My friend has a few days leave from the hospital these days. It is a struggle to fill his time, but every Friday he goes to the movies and catches a new release. Whilst I was off work I used to go with him. I came to love our Friday afternoon matinees.

When Asylum was released, she suggested we go and see it. I was slightly wary, ‘is it really a good idea?’ I asked, what with him still being in hospital. She convinced me that it would be fine, she said she thought he’d really enjoy it ‘it’s not depressing at all’. I believed her and suggested it to him. I could tell that he wasn’t very enamoured by the idea, but he was going along with it to keep me happy. Thankfully it was only on general release for a couple of weeks and by the time we had decided to go and see it the run was over. Thank the Lord.

I have just watched it. I know I am not the happiest, most sparkling being at the moment, but boy oh boy was it miserable. It was a good movie and all that, but what was she thinking? What, on God’s earth, possessed her to think that he would have ENJOYED it? Is she mad?!

To summarise the general message……if you’re mad you’re fucked……if you’re in love with someone who’s mad you’re even more fucked. Everything is fucked.

Great recommendation Claire. I think I’m going to bed.