Thursday, January 26, 2006

WARNING: Giving up smoking can seriously damage your hand

I have just spoken to a friend of mine. He was a Marlboro reds man through and through. If ever anyone berated him about smoking full strength tobacco rather than the more lung friendly 'Light' version he would respond 'there's no such thing as Cancer Light'.

He gave up for new year. He works freelance and has been pretty quiet of late and feeling extremely frustrated and sorry for himself. Yesterday he was pottering around his flat trying to do some filing. He piled a heap of paperwork on top of a stool. It fell off scattering itself all over the room. He lost it. He blames the fags. His pent up anger released itself as he punched the nearest wall with all his might. He has shattered his hand and and has just come out of major surgery. His right hand, now he can't even work.

Moral of the story? Don't give up smoking!