Friday, January 13, 2006

I have a sore head today......

It is Friday 13th and the tube didn't blow up!......

Life is good.

I have just read Rachel's
latest post, I cried, but my heart is full of hope and happiness.

Thank you Hassan for your beautiful words.

You have said all I would ever want to say, or hear.

LATER (head better)........I have now read Hassan's piece about 10 times. I sent it to everyone I know, we read it in the pub after a few bottles of vino tinto on Friday night. It never loses its strength.

The press and so called politicians in this country are the self proclaimed spokespeople for the Muslim community. They feel they are qualified to report back to us underlings what this community thinks. Why don't they just let them tell us themselves? Well we know why, but Hassan's words just brought it home to me how rare it is to hear directly from the people this government are so fond of speaking on behalf of.

I have said many times since 7th July that the only way forward is for us to understand WHY it happened. I hold no anger towards the bombers, I feel pity and confusion. I want to know why they did it. I want to get deep under their skin and really understand. I want a public inquiry for this very reason. The only chance we have of stopping this from happening again is to understand the reason. Why did 4 young, educated, intelligent, stable, mentally healthy, British young men blow themselves up in London with the specific intent of randomly killing their fellow citizens. They didn't care who they killed, they just wanted to kill. They were prepared to sacrifice their own lives, some left behind wives and children. What drives a man to do this? I want to know.