Friday, January 20, 2006

Message from Asia

Bird Flu hits Hong Kong Disneyland

I received this from a friend in South East Asia today. He usually writes me no more than a line, so I am touched that he has spent the time to pass on his advice to me. I am moved that he has time in his life to be concerned about me. Somehow I also feel annoyed and I'm not sure why. Much as I feel I cannot cope with this thing on my own, it rattles me when people tell me how I should be coping. They are probably right, but I don't like to be told.

"I hope that with the start of the new year you can get some closure on the events of last year, it was obviously a very traumatic time for you, but maybe something positive came out of it, new friends maybe?
Don't count on any help from the government, they have there own agenda, there is only one person who can bring closure to this and that is yourself. It will take time, yes, but you should start to look forward rather than back. I think that's the best way to move forward. Don't want to sound like I'm preaching but am a little concerned that you are getting a little stuck up on what happened. It's easy for me too say this, I wasn't there, and I guess living in Asia for so long makes me think 'Asian', i'e shrug it off and say its fate.
Life is far too short to let what some wankers did effect you.
Anyway I hope that this year things get better, not back to as they were, as that will never happen after such an event, but better."

He did attach a hilarious picture which almost makes up for it!