Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm going to the SUN!!

Two months today, exactly, I will be stepping off a plane in Antigua. Oh deep joy!

I booked my tickets yesterday, I am soooo excited! I'm going sailing for 2 weeks. Sun, wind, ocean and hopefully a splattering of dolphins to add to the perfect cocktail. Heaven on earth.

This will be my first proper holiday since last July. I went kitesurfing in Egypt two weeks after 7th July. The bonus was that I missed the 21st July attempted bombings, the downside was that I was just along the coast from the Sharm El Sheik bombings which also happened to be in the same hotel chain I was staying in. I arrived home to find my phone inundated with text messages yet again asking 'are you ok?'. Irrationally I started to take it personally. I felt as if wherever I went something bad would happen.

Anyway, I'm counting the days 'till I see and feel the sun, the turquoise ocean, the white beaches, I think I deserve it. Am I making you sick yet?!

Clearly it is a fine excuse for much bikini shopping!