Thursday, February 09, 2006

The sun is out and I am smiling

In this game I seem to have found myself playing, the floaty highs are inevitably followed by doom laden lows. (Spiritual Emergency has perceptively pointed this out).

Someone who has suffered from depression wisely advised me a few months ago ‘There will be good days and bad. There’s not much you can do about the bad ones, but just make sure you enjoy the good ones’.

So I am going to indulge myself today and keep on smiling.

Last night I shared a bottle of fizz with a certain newly engaged blogger, she was radiant. Then my cousin called me from Geneva, his joy could be felt across the length of a continent. His wife has just given birth to a beautiful little boy (my second cousin?). They have suffered their own highs and lows but now, as their daughter said, their family is ‘complete’.

It was an evening full of happy, hopeful news and it has stayed with me. I am clinging onto it with all my might, holding it close and breathing it in.

Tonight I am going to meet another growing family, my fellow passengers from 7th July, old faces and new. Nothing could fuel my hope more than that.